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Our FAQs

E TOP FLOORING INC cares about meeting our customers’ home improvement supply needs. This starts with providing answers to any and all of your questions. Check out some of the frequently asked questions we get, and we’ll be happy to answer any more you may have. We’re here for you, so contact us!

Do E TOP FLOORING INC products and services come with a quality guarantee?

Yes We Do!!! All products and services have been approved by our Vendors specialized team. We carry different products with various durability to fit each clients use. We Suggest and guarantee the best for each clients Criteria and Concern.

Do the products have Warranty?

Yes Most of our products have Warranty offered by Manufacture. All of our products have different warranty and lasting time. To reassure that what your purchasing is exactly what you need please ask for the warranty details since all of our products Vendors have different policies.

Do you sell water proof flooring?

Yes We Do!!!!! The majority of our products are represented and approved water proof. We have displayed SPC and WPC Planks which are 100% water Proof. Displayed in store we also have Water Resistant Laminate for various hours and colors. We suggest coming to our location so a specialist can give in depth information.

Does E Top Flooring Offer High quality Commercial Flooring

Here in our Medley Location we have displayed a high variety of the best luxurious Commercial floors in all the materials. Starting from Laminate 72HR 14MM to SPC high durability Engineered Flooring. Most of our products are high in durability and quality.

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